Our company

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

Jim Rohn

Stimi is a Norwegian property developer with a world view. We are passionate about modern, sustainable real estate development.

Stimi is young at heart, ambitious and our goal is to be a fast growing International company. Our company is friendly, transparent and creative. We have a versatile and innovative approach which often leads to surprising results.

Stimi creates housing and property development for residential, leisure and commercial purposes. For living, staying, working and playing. We have strong ties with Scandinavia and Rotterdam and have a foothold in Portugal and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Innovation Norway is supporting Stimi for its innovative approach to changing housing markets and for its growth potential in Norway and Internationally.

From bulldozers to bedsheets Stimi offers creative turnkey property development incorporating design, financial services, project management and marketing.

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Our team

“We can do more good by being good, than in any other way.”

Rowland Hill

We are a positive and professional bunch of diverse individuals who enjoy working in this industry.

We are passionate and committed to provide top-notch real estate development and dedicated to bring Stimi to new standards and new places.