"Isn’t it pretty to think so?"

Ernest Hemingway

We have noticed a change in the way people want to live and work. Financial freedom and more opportunities for adventure and experiences have become increasingly important.

We are more mobile than ever, the world is getting smaller and many of us can do our jobs from anywhere in the world. We tend to think in shorter terms rather than a lifetime.

Companies increasingly employ remote workers, entrepreneurs travel with their businesses and freelance expertise is hired worldwide. The sharing economy is growing and we believe that renting and home swapping will develop further.

Stimi seeks to provide sustainable, affordable and suitable properties that meet these demands.

With a growing world population, we believe the need for appropriate housing will increase for decades to come. At the present time we believe that Scandinavia, Rotterdam, Portugal and Chiang Mai are places with good opportunities where we have connections.

More importantly we are always open to projects in emerging markets anywhere in the world.